OSU eMapR Lab

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Oregon State University
Environmental Monitoring, Analysis
and Process Recognition Lab

Humans depend on landscapes to provide sustainable services, yet most landscapes are under increasing stress as they respond to both natural and anthropogenic processes of change. Using satellite-based remote sensing as a primary tool, our goal is to develop new conceptual and analytical approaches to directly observe landscape change processes and relate those changes to driving forces.

Geospatial Time Travel

We send algorithms and models through the space and time of historical earth observation data to identify where, when, and how changes have occurred on the landscape. Our trip through time gives us hindsight to build more stable historical data sets from which we map land cover, biomass, and other land attributes for the last 40 years.


The data we produce helps identify trends and patterns of landscape change through time. This information is used by land managing agencies to help understand the effects of their policies and practices, and provides impactful, hindsight-enhanced inputs to geospatial models of habitat, biomass, and other surface features.